What to do if my payment is missing?


If you are expecting a SEPA payment and it isn’t credited to your account within 1-2 business days, it is important to clarify with the sender whether the correct wiring details were used (Account name, IBAN, BIC/SWIFT) and confirm if the payment to your dedicated SEPA IBAN wasn’t sent via SWIFT. After you confirmed with the remitter, that the payment was instructed correctly, you can contact our customer support. Please acquire proof of payment from the remitter as this will help us locate the payment if it was received.


As SEPA and SWIFT are two different payment methods, SWIFT transfers cannot be received on a SEPA account and vice versa. A SWIFT payment may not reach the beneficiary’s account if it is not sent to a SWIFT account or if it is sent as a SEPA payment.

The payment may not reach the payee if incorrect payment details are provided, therefore it is important to check if the payment was instructed using the correct wiring details. In this case, the payment will be rejected by the sender’s bank or will be stuck in transit (the original remitter has to contact their bank and order a trace of funds).

If it is known that the sender didn’t include your Valyuz account number or your company name in the reference field, you need to contact our customer support and inform them that you expect payment and provide the following: the name of the sender, amount and currency and the date of the payment. Also, please provide the payment confirmation from the remitter’s bank, as it will help us locate your payment faster.

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