Recommendations for safe use

Date of last revision: 21st of February, 2024



One of Valyuz focus is safety.

Every Valyuz Client has possibility to manage a personal account via desktop, mobile, Android and Apple App in a fast, simple, reliable way. Security of the account and data also depends on Client‘s actions, knowledge and responsibility.

Here are some tips to make the payments safer:

1. Account password must consist of at least 16 characters, uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. It is highly recommended in different systems use different passwords. You can use a password manager to generate complex passwords securely.

2. Memorize the username and password and do not keep it in your devices, or keep it safe at all times and never disclose it to any third parties. Our personnel will never ask you to provide your password to us or to any third party. If you receive a request to disclose your password or other login information anywhere else than on the Website, you must not disclose your password or other login information at any event and must immediately report to us of such incident. Such a report can be made here

3. Change your password regularly in order to reduce the risk of a security breach in relation to your Valyuz Account. We also advise you not to choose a password that is easily guessed from information someone might know or gather about you or a password that has a meaning. Avoid using common or predictable passwords (such as your name, date of birth, or favourite sports team). You must never allow anyone to access your Valyuz Account or watch you accessing your Valyuz Account.

4. If you have any indication or suspicion of your Valyuz Account, login details, password or other security feature being lost, stolen, misappropriated, used without authorization or otherwise compromised, you are advised to change your password. You must contact Valyuz without undue delay on becoming aware of any loss, theft, misappropriation or unauthorized use of your Valyuz Account, login details, password or other security features. Any undue delay in notifying us may not only affect the security of your Valyuz Account but may result in you being liable for any losses as a result. If you suspect that your Valyuz Account was accessed by someone else, you should also contact your local police and report the incident.

5. You must take all reasonable care to ensure that your e-mail account (which you indicated in your Valyuz Account) is secure and only accessed by you, as your e-mail address may be used to reset passwords or to communicate with you about the security of your Valyuz Account. In case any of the e-mail addresses registered with your Valyuz Account during the term of our relationship are compromised, you should inform Valyuz without undue delay after becoming aware of this and also contact your e-mail service provider.

6. You must regularly review your transactions history and in the event of discrepancies, to clarify those with us or report to us, depending on the case may be. You can use tools or services that provide alerts, reports, and logs of your account and data activity.

7. Irrespective of whether you are using a public, a shared or your own computer to access your Valyuz Account, you must always ensure that your login details are not stored by the browser or cached or otherwise recorded. You should never use any functionality that allows login details or passwords to be stored by the computer you are using.

8. Always log out from your account after use.

9. Avoid logging in to your account on devices of other persons or public computers. This may contain malware stealing passwords or other data.

10. Use only legally acquired and officially imported devices, whose operating system software has not been modified.

11. Update your personal and contact details if they change. In case of security incidents, our personnel may need to contact you instantly and/or to identify you.

12. Don’t let others use your devices, as it may contain important information and be stolen.

13. Always protect your smartphone or tablet with a password.

14. Regularly verify the accuracy of your payments to detect any suspicious or unusual behaviour.

15. Never open unknown documents or click on unknown links in emails, messages, or social media posts.  Some of them may be phishing attempts that try to trick you into revealing your personal or financial information or installing malware on your device.

16. Use a firewall and antivirus software to protect your devices and data from malicious attacks.

17. Install software only from reliable sources. Update your software and applications regularly to fix any security vulnerabilities and bugs .

If you have any questions or need advice, please contact us