Multi-Currency Accounts

Manage multiple currency accounts on a single platform. Enjoy real-time currency conversion with lower exchange rates. Pay suppliers and employees instantly in local currencies without the hassle of delays and added fees.

Multiple Currencies, One Platform

Manage local and international balances in one place with a multi-currency account. Distribute funds instantly through transfers in 212 countries and over 25 currencies with access to the best exchange rates.

Set up an account easily and streamline the process of sending and receiving funds across borders, removing the need for manual currency conversions and reducing the risk of errors.

Currency Conversion

Easily convert currencies in real time with the help of a currency exchange platform that provides you with the latest rates. Enjoy a hassle-free currency conversion process without any concern for outdated rates or hidden fees.

Experience seamless worldwide money movement and flexibility with our platform designed to manage expenses, track corporate spending, and set spending limits.

Available in 212 countries worldwide, supporting over 25 currencies

Pay Locally

Instantly pay suppliers or employees from anywhere in the world using local currencies and reduce currency exchange fees or delays incurred when conducting international transactions.