Payment Capabilities

Benefit multi-signatory features and bulk payment options. Connect your SAP, accounting software, or CRM to our open APIs to manage and receive notifications for incoming payments.

Multi-Layer Signatory Rights

Benefit from an added layer of security with customisable multi-signatory capabilities which require more than one authorised individual to provide their approval before a transaction is executed.

Require multiple approvals to reduce unauthorised transactions and increase accountability. Customise the process to fit your organisational structure.

Mass Payments

Make multiple payments simultaneously by uploading a file and executing transfers in bulk. This is a convenient and efficient way to handle your payments without having to manually process each one individually.

Reduce the time and effort required to process individual payments, minimise the risk of errors associated with manual data entry and maintain control over payment scheduling and approvals.

Enhance the security and efficiency of your payments with advanced features.

Open APIs

Integrate your SAP, accounting software, or CRM to our system to streamline your payment process and receive timely notifications for scheduled transactions and incoming payments.