How to cancel Mass payment file that you already submitted?

Please be aware that you can only cancel Mass Payment if if hasn’t been signed by any of the signatories.

To cancel please follow the below:

   Click Mass Payments on the left side and choose the type of payments you wanted to send (International payment, SEPA payment, Internal payment)

   Click the View Uploaded Files button in the new window

   In the newly opened menu, if you cannot see any files, i.e. No results found, please click on the Filter button.

   The default filter settings are set as For today, and from today to today. Please change the date range to include the day when you uploaded the file and change For today to For the whole period.

   Once the filter is set correctly, the uploaded file should be visible. Once you see it, you can click the three dots on the right-hand side and click Cancel to delete the file and all unsigned payments.

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